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Thir13en Ghosts Collection

Thir13en Ghosts Collection


Part III of our DemoniKayla lines of horror tees!


�There are ghosts in the basement�

�THIS basement?�

�Of course this basement! What is it with you people?


If it was the basement next door I wouldn't give a sh!t, would I?!�


The next tee up in the Demonikayla x Ruckus Tees partnership is here and ready to haunt! Memorize the symbols and stay safe in the house of Cyrus� you never know which trapped soul is coming next! But hey, if the Jackal catches you, at least you�ll fall in style! (Sure beats a cage on your head� right?)





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  • When Does my Item Ship?

    ruckus tees work on a pre-order system. All clothing items go on sale the 1st of the month for 12 days. All clothing items go into the production schedule the day after sales end. Our lead time provided is 14 business days after the sale timer has ended. this does not include weekends or holidays.


    In a very short time all order are printed and shipped to their homes.

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