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another awful drinking game

another awful drinking game


another awful drinking is a party game for cosplayers, con goers, or really anyone who like to drink way too much while making fun of themselves.

enjoy 108 cards giving you and your friends excuses to drink and laugh at yourself and your silly cosplay ways.

here are some example cards:

  • take a drink if you made your last costume. drink twice if you bought it.
  • take a drink if you’ve entered a costume contest. drink again if you won... because nobody wants to hear about it.
  • ever cut a line at a con? well, payback is a bitch. everyone drinks but you, you impatient jerk.
  • still in a costume? drink. it’s night time - get over yourself.


This game is limited and each deck will be indiviually numbered!

thats not all! if you pre-order in febuary you'll also receive a free exclusive grumpy ruckus shot glass for pre-order buyers only!

  • need more shot glasses? no problem! add more shot glasses for $5

estimated ship date: april 2022

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